Family Re-unification Program

In LIn Los Angeles, there are about 40,000 children who have been removed from their violent, neglectful, abusive or drug addicted families.  (Time Magazine, Dec. '95)

This program targets at-risk families for intervention purposes. Our motive is to help create a safe home environment for children to grow up and become productive members of the community. offers intensive services to the whole family in the following areas:

  • Psychological intervention and evaluation
  • Counseling and Psycho-educational programs
  • Parent training including Child Abuse prevention
  • Domestic abuse diversion program
  • Anger Management.


  1. To strengthen the family as an open system, building with new energy and new ideas.
  2. Discourage “cause and effect” blaming, de-focus on power struggles & establish trust.
  3. Use family history as a way to focus understanding on family rules, roles, values, and expectations that are dysfunctional.
  4. Create an environment suitable for reunification of all family members.

The fundamental focus of family system therapy is to deal with the entire family group as a unit and the relationship between them rather than working with them as individuals alone.