Parenting Classes

Raising happy and well adjusted children seems to be harder than ever.  The old answers don’t seem to work. New approaches are needed….. Learn to avoid being manipulated by your children’s “I don’t care” attitudes, threats, and anger.

Problems You May Be Facing:

  • Your kids are not communicating with you — You feel your kids don’t listen to you.
  • You find yourself not listening to your kids.
  • You and your kids are having frequent conflicts —each trying to win at the cost of the other losing.
  • Having to” punish—yet you feel guilty and your child feels resentful.
  • Kids staying babies —running to Mommy or Daddy for everything.
  • Generation gap, strained relations, hidden hate.
  • You have to nag and hassle over chores and rules.
  • Tantrums, scenes, door-slamming battles, flare-ups, escalating conflicts.
  • Underachievement at school, arguments over homework.
  • Children resisting your ideas, rejecting your values.
  • Wishing you hadn’t had kids or wishing they’d hurry and grow up.

Our Classes Address the following issues:

  • How to be a good parent.
  • How to effectively listen, so that your children will share their problems with you.
  • How to have your children respect you and your needs.
  • How to discipline (not punish) effectively.
  • How to avoid rebellion and resentments.
  • How to be assertive.