Victims of Violent Crimes


San Martin De Porres Center treats individuals who have encountered some traumatic experience  as a result of being a victim or  a witness of crime within the state of California.

You may be eligible for treatment without a cost to you, if :  crime is  reported  to  the  Police  and/or  Sheriff,  the  Highway  Patrol or other appropriate  law  enforcement  agency.


Persons who sustained injury (physically or emotionally) as a direct result of a crime. Persons who are legally dependent upon the victim for support.Persons who are related to or have a close relationship with the victim and were present during the crime.

Persons who are related to or have a      close relationship with the victim and whose treatment or presence during treatment is medically required for the successful treatment of the victim.Family members of the victims who incur emotional injury as a result of the crime Persons who assume legal responsibility for the medical or burial expense of a deceased victim.

All the battered women, and formerly battered women, need psychotherapy for the purposes of coping, healing and empowerment.


Our treatment approach is based on a “therapeutic philosophy” which involves the patient participation in the treatment under the guidance of Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, and Counselors.


Effective therapeutic interventions are applied to enhance impulse control, and develop coping mechanisms that channel anger in constructive ways.



Our counselors and therapists are always available to deal with emergencies. Our counselors and therapists can assist those who are experiencing a variety of crises empowering them through support and recognition of inner strength.