Intake Procedure


SMDC receives referrals from schools, doctors, hospitals, mental health clinics, social workers, institutions and self-referrals.  Within 48 hours of the referral or telephone call, we will be able to arrange the initial interview which will include: gathering psychosocial information, introduction to the Center's Program, assessing for any condition that may require immediate intervention (e.g. suicidality, psychosis, or intoxication, etc.) and assignment to the next available therapist.  Appointment with a therapist will be within the following 7 days.

      CLINIC HOURS:     Mon to Fri  -  9am. to 7 pm.
                                         Saturday    -  9am. to 5 pm.

      IN-TAKE HOURS:   Mon to Fri -  9am. to 5 pm.

Priority is given to "at risk" persons such as those who are:

  1. experiencing a crisis.
  2. experience violence at home.
  3. experiencing sexual abuse .
  4. experiencing difficulties at home and/or school.
  5. those who are victims of violent crime

For clients with Medi-Cal:

The client's name and telephone number will be needed; date of birth, Medi-Cal ID number and Social SecuThe client's Name and Telephone number will be needed; Date of birth, Medi-Cal ID number and Social Security number would be needed as part of information gathering.